James Larisch
programmer & student
james [+] jameslarisch [+] com

You using emacs to browse the web, dude?
Conway's Game of Life

interests & research
My interests include Bitcoin & blockchain technology,
distributed systems, functional programming, and privacy.

I recently concluded research on how Facebook powers their newsfeed algorithm using data analysis and learning,
and am currently undergoing research on improvements to the web's SSL/TLS certificate revocation system.

Here is the extension.
Here is the server.

Both research projects are under Professor Christo Wilson.
Gem - bitcoin API and bitcoin-node development
HubSpot - data processing and analytics development
Kademlia implementation - haskell
Raft implementation - haskell
TCP implementation - haskell
bitcoin-money gem - ruby
time-hash gem - ruby
asteroids - haskell
ant simulation (game-of-life-esque) - haskell
game of life (seen above) - javascript

I frequently solve kata on codewars.
reading & writing
I've read these books this year.
I have a blog too!